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Gutters: Gutter Repair, Cleaning, Replacement & Installation

MLH are Gutter Specialists. Specialising in Gutter cleaning, repair, installation, and installation of gutter guard for residential single and double storey properties and commercial gutters. Our guutter cleaners are specialists!

How Can MLH Help

  • Roof and Gutter Cleaning | Clean Gutters
    MLH gutter cleaning is a locally operated company in Melbourne. We offer a range of gutter cleaning services and other services related to roofs and gutters including gutter cleaning, gutter replacement, gutter installation and guttering repairs. Our reliable and friendly staff have proven over the years to provide a high quality gutter installation, cleaning gutters and gutter maintenance services. MLH operate with all OH&S and are fully insured.  If you are thinking about just getting your gutters cleaned, then think “MLH gutter cleaning" as our gutter cleaners are specialists and we belive you will be delighted with our services. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and a gutter cleaner will be on site at a time that suits you!
  • Gutter Repair and Maintenance & Guttering Repair Melbourne
    For all your Gutter Repairs. If you are in Melbourne and require gutter repair services, then contact us for a free, no obligation quote for your gutterning repairs today.
  • Gutter Replacement Melbourne
    Sometimes the weather will take its toll of only certain areas of your roof and guttering. There is no need to go ahead with an expensive roof restoration, as most of the time replacing or repairing areas of your guttering and your downpipes will add years to the maintenance of your roof. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote to replace guttering and our gutttering replacement specialist will be on site at a time that suits you!

    We also specialize in gutter and downpipe repair and replacement, with our excellent trade experience you will get what you need to repair and protect the roof over your head for years to come
  • Gutterning or Gutter Installation & Install Gutters
    If you are thinking of installing gutters or need to install guttering Melbourne, we are here to help. Gutter Installation is one of our specialties and our gutter installers have years of experience. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and a gutter cleaner or guttering installation specialist will be on site at a time that suits you to provide a free, no obligation quote to install guttering!
  • Box Gutters
  • Downpipe Replacement
  • Gutter Guard Systems
    Gutter guard can help save you money over the years and provide you with long lasting protection against rust. By keeping your gutters clear all the time, you turn a negative into a positive.
    Instead of blocking your pipes and gutters with the leaves, gutter guard will make the leaves blow over the gutters and just the water will wash and keep your gutters clean without creating the sediment of rotting leaves.

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*SPECIAL OFFER* – Free Roof Inspection with every Gutter Clean

MLH will check the condition of your roof valleys, roof tiles, gutters and downpipes and provide you with a written condition report!

What causes a blocked gutter?

Every year leaves, moss, lichen, gravel from flat roofs, dead birds, old tennis balls, bird droppings, and what can only be described as "stinky sludge" gets washed off the roof into our gutters. This can build up at an alarming rate and can cause damage to the guttering itself or to your property. Many of our customers have been amazed at what we've found in their gutters when we have carried out gutter cleaning, gutter installation and gutter guard installation.

Damage caused by blocked or sagging gutters.


Trapped water in a gutter gets blown by the wind onto fascia boards creating a continuous wet/dry cycle. This can cause wood rot and/or peeling paint, ultimately requiring complete replacement of the whole system if left unchecked. In extreme cases the rot can penetrate the eves, causing even more serious and expensive damage.


A blocked gutter that overflows when it rains results in water pouring down the wall. This is precisely what gutters are designed to protect against, and can cause damage to brickwork and pointing, penetrating damp and damage to wall ties. Moss can also grow on the wet walls adding to the problem by retaining water and not letting the walls dry out at all.

Damage to Gutters

As previously mentioned, excess weight of debris and trapped water puts a much greater load on gutters and downpipes than they are designed for, causing sagging, leaking or complete failure in extreme cases. Plants can also grow in the debris, often from seeds dropped by birds, adding to the blockage and forcing roots through joints pushing them apart.

Ponding gutters

Badly installed gutters can cause water to get trapped in the gutter. This can then cause leaks or be blown back onto your property or leakage at joints. This dripping can be very persistent and cause penetrating damp to areas that it hits.

Damp in Basements and Concrete Slabs

It is a little known fact that blocked gutters are the #1 cause of damp in basements. When a gutter overflows or leaks the water flows downwards, ultimately collecting below at basement level. This can cause penetrating damp if left unchecked.

Splashback Damage

Water that spills or leaks from a blocked gutter that falls to the ground without hitting the walls causes splashback onto your property. Again, the concentrated area affected can suffer from penetrating damp, peeling paintwork, wood rot, and unsightly cosmetic damage.

For More Information or a Free, No Obligation Quotation

Please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can assist you with your Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Replacement, Gutter Installation, gutter guard  needs. You can use our online Contact Form to contact us, call us on 1300 456 654 or send us an email at info@mlhcorporation.com.au.

A representative of our Gutter team will organise a convenient time that suits “you” to visit you on site and provide you with a written outline of your Gutter Cleaning, Gutter Replacement or Gutter Installation requirements and an estimate of gutter cleaning prices, cost of guttering, guttering repair or gutter replacement cost. And remember, all our site visits and quotations are provided free of charge.

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